Thunder storms this week.  The spanish mackerel are bitting good along the beach and the snapper are still biting good offshore
along with some Snapper season won't be around long so book a trip while you can slots are filling up fast.    

      Weather has been so nice we haven't had to cancel a trip since April and the good weather pattern seems to continue through
next week.

      June, 6,2011-  Well snapper season is here and it couldn't get better.  We have been catching quick limits of big snapper every
time we go offshore.  We are also catching a few triggers to add to the box.  We caught and released some gag grouper and
amberjacks due to closed season.  The amberjacks should be on fire when they come back in season in Aug. so there is always
something to catch.  The inshore is also getting better with the redfish and mackerel.  This weekend we caught about 10 bull reds only
keeping enough to eat and releasing the rest.  The snapper season is so short if you want to book a trip you better hurry spots are
booking fast.   

      May, 11,2011- April was a busy month and May has been a little slow with a lot of wind.  We caught a lot of sheephead in April, it was
fun while it lasted but they have left until next Feb.  The redfish and mackerel are showing up inshore.  Offshore the amberjacks are
biting good and snapper season is just around the corner.  Snapper season will be June 1st through July 18th.  We will be running as
many trips per day in this short season as we can so call us up and book a trip.  

      April,9,2011-  We have been kind of busy this week.  The target has still been sheephead and they are plentiful right now with
some topping the scale at 9 pounds.  We've been catching some redfish and a shark or two mixed in with them.  

      April,2,2011- Had 2 trips today and both were about the same.  The waves were calm and the fish bit good.  Caught about 30
sheephead each trip but only kept a mess to eat.  It looks like the sheephead won't be around much longer.  Hopefully they will stay
around until the end of April.  We have caught a few redfish trolling so that is a good sign.

      April, 1,2011- Went out on a fun trip to catch some fish for a youth fish fry at church.  I had a great time fishing with my pastors and
my son Cole.  The waves were a little sloppy but we caught a lot of sheephead.  I'm liking my new boat more every time I take it out.

      March,21,2011- Our first 8 hour trip of the year with 2 adults and 4 kids.  We caught and released lots of amberjacks and had 5
keepers.  Caught and released a lot of red snapper and kept 8  triggerfish.  They took home a nice mess of fish.    

      March,16,17,18,2011- Same as yesterday.  Sheephead was the target and they were fast and easy.  Ended the day catching about 25
each day.

      March,15,2011-4 hour sheephead trip.  Water was dirty but we managed to find about 30 sheephead.

      March, 2, 2011-  Went on a 4 hour trip after some sheephead.  Caught about 30 but only kept 10.  We also caught 6 redfish that
were all released.  The weather was a little on the rough side but the new boat handled it well.  The sheephead should be here
through the end of April.